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Testimony from Jesse and Becca

We became a Safe Family about 2 years ago, because of a job change we were not able to begin hosting until 2015. In my occupation as a student and family advocate for the Iowa City School District I had worked with Safe Families as a community partner and saw what a positive impact it had on families. Students were able to stay in their home school while their parents receive a ‘break’ from their care. This continuity for kids is so important and I am a huge advocate for this.

Since my husband and I do not have children we felt we could provide a safe home for children through Safe Families as well.  We have hosted for the same family seven times now. We have started to build a very comfortable relationship with the parent and it feels like a friendship. She contacts us when she is in need of a break and it usually consists of a weekend. This works out well for us and the parent. Going from no children to two babies in the house has it challenges of course, but the rewards have seemed to outweigh those challenges with each stay.